The new home for my content. I want to internet like it's 1999. Check out my band BUTCHER IN THE FOG A SCREAMING REFLECTION.

buy a t-shirt and a CD!!!!! WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE YOU WON'T SEE ON OUR FB PAGE..... "If you stream it I honestly don't care what you think of it, buy it and I will take your opinion for what its worth (6 pounds LoL)" Whats the criteria for an album...don't get so defensive you might say. I dont get paid enough from streams to not defend myself. When I went to school you might get your assed kicked, so always be on your guard. Especially against bearded people who wear backpacks at gigs and want to tell you what they think.

Being Alive in my Body. The Best and Worst I have to offer.

Shout it out like a bird set free. (Not these birds tho)